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Free Map Updates via Internet Download

Every map sold comes with free map update downloads. For downloaded maps, you get 4 free map updates in addition to the initial map download. When you order on micro-sd card, you get 5 free map update downloads. 

To get the latest map update via internet download simply download again as you did when you first ordered the map.  There are no time limits. Check our "What's New section" for posts describing the latest map updates

When you exhaust your free downloadable trail map updates, you can order additional updates below. Options include buying additional downloads, ordering on  a new pre-loaded micro-sd card, or mailing us your old micro-sd card for updating.



Buy Additional Map Updates via Internet Download

Used up all of your free updates? No problem! You can purchase additional updates by selecting your choice from the "Map Updates" dropdown list above. Once you place your order wait for a confirmation email from us before completing the download, That enables us to bump up the available downloads for the products you selected.

Buy Map updates on new micro-sd

If you prefer the simplicity of getting the latest routing snowmobile trail map updates pre-installed on a transflash micro-sd card then select the "Map Update, new micro-SD" option below. The cost covers media preparation and US Postal shipping. The 512mb trans-flash micro-sd card includes the latest routing trail map updates for all maps previously purchased map products that you select. In addition it includes a free topographic map, custom POI's and a vehical icon. Simply plug the micro-sd card into you GPS, disable other routing maps and you are ready to ride.

Buy Map updates on your own micro-sd

Mail us your old transflash micro-sd card via US postal mail. We will add the latest routing versions of all previously purchased trail maps , a free topographical map, custom POIs and a vehicle icon. These will be added to any existing maps on your card. Your transflash micro-sd card must meet the minimum size requirements which is at least 512mb of free space. Contents of the /Garmin folder will be replaced with new trail map info. Other files will not be erased unless there is inadequate free space. Make copies of any data on the micro-sd card that you can't live without.

NOTE: We are not responsible for items lost in shipment. Insurance might be a good idea. Please use adequate packaging.

Mail to:

Umbagog Designs LLC
15 Crown Hill Road
Atkinson, NH 03811

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Map Updates

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