ATV trail map V25 update is available

To determine the version of the map in Garmin MapSource, use the command Utiliies->Manage Map Products. For Garmin BaseCamp, the command is Maps->Manage Map Products.

Release Notes
ATV Trails map for Garmin GPS



Release Date




 Added Ride the Wilds Corridor names and line styles 
 Changed speed limit on all trails to 25mph

  Added many new miles of trails and new POI's
  Changed all speed limits to 25mph
  Navigation on ATV trails can be avoided (for UTV and trailbike riders) by setting AVOID TOLLS

 Includes updates to OsmAnd (excluding online tile maps)
 Added Lewis County NY, and a subset of VT trails as additional products.


5/12/2017 (concurrent with 1,25)

  Added NH Route 110B Trail.
  Added Back Trail to Town And Country Hotel in Gorham.
  Added trail to Haverhill from Woodville, Parking, amenities.


July 26,2016


Added Trails west of Grand Lake.
Add trails west of Nicatous Lake.


Many changes to the North Stratford Trails
Added many detailed notes to waypoints.



July 7,2016


Added Forbes Road ATV Trail
Remove "Possible ATV Trail" East of Murphy Dam in Pittsburg
Added several trails south of Back Lake
Added Hill ATV Trails
Added Toby's Trail Loop in Jericho State Park.
Added East Side Androscoggin Power Line Trail
Added Absolute Powersports access trail in Gorham.
Added a couple trails in North Stratford.
Eliminate Sidewalk Trail in the 'Burg Main street.

ME – no changes – next release

Osmand Map to be updated in a few days.


June 15, 2016

Added Yamaha Connector trail north out of Jericho state Park
Added Jericho Gateway Family Campground private trails
Added seasonal connector to Moose Brook State Campground



Added Cascade Scenic Waterfall


July 7,2015

Added Corridor D of "Ride the Wilds" trail in Coos County NH.
Removed several incorrect spur trails from the North Country ATV system in NH.

Osmand based ATV trail maps will be updated in the next few days.

Special thanks to Tom C. who rode Corridor D to validate the map.



 May, 7,2015

Added Over 800 miles of trails in Maine
Refined several trails in NH
Begin adding more meaningful names to north NH and ME trails
Zoom level increased to level 16 for OsmAnd ATV trail overlay images

Note: The recent release of OsmAnd 2.0.1 from the Google play store is a bit buggy. Most notable is that when OSMAND ATV NH ME raster image map is used as an Overlay map, OsmAnd will crash at zoom levels over 16 (500 feet).  OsmAnd 1.9.5 ( available here) works with no problems. Avoid zooming closer than 500 feet, or disable the trail map overlay while zooming closer than 500 feet when using OsmAnd 2.0.4

May 14,2015 – A new raster overlay file of ATV trails for Osmand is now available which allows the map to be zoomed to any level without causing a crash in the newer versions of OsmAnd. This new file is more compact and takes up less space on you device.



October 10,1014

Ride the Wilds Phase one is now 100% mapped!
Added access trail to Big Rock Campground
Added several POIs for food in Colebrook and Berlin
Added Clear Stream Campground trail for Renters ONLY
Add Minnon Young Trail
Extend East Milan Trail
Extend Diamond Pond Trail

added several miles of new trails in the southwestern part of the state
Added several trails south of Turner.
Added Waterboro trail system


 August 8,2014

Added Reservoir Road ATV in North Stratford
Replaced Proposed Stratford to Colebrook connector with actual implemented trail
Added Rene's Maze Trails at Jericho Lake Park
Added Log Cabin Trail in Boundtree system

No changes

Thanks to Tom C. for trail corrections and additions.

OSMAND ATV trail map will be updated in a day or two.


July 24, 2014

Added proposed Main Street Lancaster NH trail
Added several POIS for food, lodging and fuel on Lancaster Main Street.
Added State Street ATV Trail in Groveton, NH
Added Station Square ATV Trail in Groveton
Added Parking at Station square Groveton
Added Pizza Restaurant in Groveton
Added Power House Road ATV trail in West Stewartstown
Added Canan VT/NH Commerce Trail
Added Clarksville Pond Road ATV Trail and connector trail
Extend Routed 26 ATV Trail to Clear Stream Campground
Added Gas and Lodging in Errol NH
Added Cree Notch lookout and loop trail
Added Milan East River Road Trail, Lunchenette, Blake Road and 110A trails

Added Trail From Success Pond NH north to Upton Maine
Corrected several unconnected intersections effecting routing.

Special thanks to Tom C. for corrections and additional trails.


June, 17, 2014

Removed "proposed" status of trails in Colebrook NH that have been approved for use, except for those requiring State approval.
Corrected problem in the script that copies Custom ATV POIs to GPS. (effects both ME and NH maps)
Added POI for Jericho Mud pits and several trailer parking lots for the Jericho Festival.
Indicate closure of Lake Road and Old Lake Road ATV trails in Salon ME.
Added script to the Windows Start menu to copy combined Topo and  ATV Trail map directly to your GPS or micro-sd*

* Note: To start the script use Start->All Programs->BackwoodsGPSTrails->ATV Trail Maps->Download ATV Map and POIs to GPS. This script will not copy maps correctly to main storage on newer model nuvi's such as the 30,40 and 50lm. It will correctly copy maps to micro-sd on both older and newer GPS models. Use of the micro-sd is preferable since you can also view the combined ATV and topo map when connected to a system running Garmin BaseCamp. Because of the larger size of the combined map, this script may not work on GPS models with limited storage.


June 1,2014


Added several trails in the "Coos County NH"

Added Creampoke Road ATV trail in Stewartstown NH

Added several proposed ATV trails on Roads in Colebrook (NOT YET OPEN)
Bennit Hill Road ATV Trail
Creampoke Road ATV Trail
Diamond Pond Road ATV Trail
East Colebrook Road ATV Trail
Harvey Swell Road ATV Trail
Main Street Colebrook to IGA ATV Trail
North Hill Road ATV Trail
Reed Road ATV Trail
US Route 26 out of Colebrook


Added Bear Rock Adventures ATV UTV Rental

Added LaPearle's IGA as a food stop

Added Gas Station south of LaPearle's IGA

Added Hughes Road ATV Trail

Added Colebrook Town Woodlot ATV Trail to South Hill Road ATV Trail

Removed closed sections of Hardscrabble Road

Corrected Colebrook Railroad bed to Hall Stream Road ATV Trail

Fixed bug in Custom POI loader preventing it from running on new installs/

Special thanks to Shane F. and Tom C. for mapping assistance and tracks.

No significant changes to Maine ATV Trail maps.

Android map updates to follow in a couple days.


 May 13,2014

Added Berlin NH city streets as legal ATV trails.


April 30,2014

Added custom POI file loader to include Intersections, Attractions, Bridges, Lodging Parking named to avoid confusion with Snowmobile POIS.
Added Gorham road trails and Presidential Rail Trail (Snow Cover ONLY)
Added Main street in Groveton and connector to Strafford Trail system
Added several POIS along route 1 in Gorham

ATV Trail maps for android were updated on 5/8/2014


August, 2013

Renamed 13 Mile Woods Trail to Errol
Added in-town trails in Errol on US route 26
Added Killkenny Trail Riders initial trails between Lancaster and Groveton

Added in-town trails and additional services in Rangely Maine
Added highway trail between Harmony and Pittsfield


July 1, 2013

Added Cedar Brook Road ATV Trail and Parking area, Dummer NH
Remove Pontook Parking area. Relocated due to Safety.
Rename Hamlin Brook Road Trail in Sunset Riders system
Added (closed) Lost weekend Trail
Renamed trails in Sunset Riders system
Added Proposed 13 Mile woods trail into Errol


May 30 , 2013

Added North Waterford Maine Trail system
Add trail connecting Livermore with Jay Maine
Added NH Bungy Road connector between Colebrook and Stratford Trail systems
Completed loop trail along NH Tracy Brook to Roaring Brook (NE of Coleman State Park
Correct route of north end of Nathan Pond Trail heading to the 'Burg
Completed connection of Pittsburg Connector to Bear Rock Road
Added probable connector between Bear Rock Road and Great North Woods Riders trail system
Corrected Millsfield to Corser Brook Connector trail north segment
Corrected Trail through the Balsams Property.
Add Carrier Trail from north Millsfield Parking lot
Added a couple small parking lots on 26


May 1, 2013

Added new ATV trails in Colebrook (Metallak ATV club)  including…
Trail from south of Dixville Peak heading northwest to Bear Rock Road.
Heath Road east to Diamond Pond Road.
Noyes Road.
In town Colebrook Trail to Main Street Gas
Rail trail north to  Stewartstown and into Vermont


April 1,  2013

Added Salmon Brook ATV club trails in Sanbornton NH (some trails require trail pass)
Added Everett Hopkinton Trails.
Added Little Monadnock Family Trails in Richmond/Troy/Swanzey

Initial Release of Maine ATV, UTV and Trail Bike trail map. 2923 miles of trails.
Initial release of combined NH_ME ATV Trail map.


September 26, 2012

Corrected several trail disconnections preventing routing in some areas.
Added new trail from Coleman State Park, over Sugar Hill and Dixville Peak to the Millsfield trail system.
Added new trail from Success Pond area to Dummer.
Added new trailer parking place added in Dummer.
Corrected the proposed trail from Success to Seven Islands. Opens 2013.
Refinements of trail resolution to support "turn anticipation".


August 8, 2012

Support tor routing on all ATV trails.
 Updated  trail naming for Jericho Trails
Add  trail to Moose Brook Parking lot on Route 2 and the alternative trail to Success via the railroad bridge.


Feb 20,2012

Added Corser Brook Trails in Errol(sometimes called Mead Paper lands).
Added Sugar River Recreational Rail Trail between Claremont and Newport.
Added Amonoosuc Recreational Rail Trail between Woodsville and Littleton.
 Added Hillsboro Recreational Rail Trail between Hollsboro and Bennington.
Added connector trail between Millsfield ATV trails and Corser Brook.
Refined Pittsburg ATV trails using satellite imagery.
Added trails on authorized town roads in Pittsburg.
 Added map POI for Cardinal Cabins lodging in Pittsburg NH.
 Substantial cleanup of Jericho ATV Park trails, removing "proposed trails".
 Added Berlin City trail between Jericho ATV Park and Success trails.
Added Boundtree ATV trails in Warner/Hennicker NH.
 Refined Millsfield Trail system.

The ATV trail map now routes.. Routing is also  supported in Garmin MapSource and BaseCamp. The routing trail maps can be combined with any non-routing map for download to your GPS.  Use the routing tool to create custom routes, document your favorite trail loop or extended trips, and then download them to your GPS. Using Mapsource, you can view a list of turn by turn directions, and calculate mileage along ATV trails. Occasionally you may see a route take an unexpected path, one that seems like the long way around. This is usually caused by a trail not being actually connected. Zoom in real close and see if you see a break in the trail line. Even a microscopic break will cause the route to be avoided. You can route over this manually for a short distance to complete the route. Simply create a new routing point just past where the line is broken Please mark the break location with a waypoint, save it in a .gpx file and email it  to us. This will assist us in eliminating these hard to find defects. Interstate routing is not supported because the trails between states overlap but do not actually intersect. To plan an interstate ride, route to the state border, draw a small off-road route segment over the line break and  then continue auto routing to destination. This can be done in your GPS or with MapSource