Maps for Tracks

Got Tracks and or waypoints for your favorite riding area that are not already on our map?

Trade your collection of tracks and waypoints for free trail map updates or even complete statewide routing trail maps!

The better the quality and quantity of your information, the better the deal will be for you.

We are looking primarily for legal and  current tracks along snowmobile and ATV trails in Maine New Hampshire and Vermont and New York that are not already on our map. You can zoom and scroll around the interactive maps on the product description pages to see what we already have.
Off-trail tracks are fine, but please clearly identify them as such.

Bonus points for identifying valid trail names, trail numbers, and non-redundant (cleaned up) tracks, or offering other help and guidance to us in accurately documenting the trails.

Send us an email and tell us what you have to trade. We are sure to offer you a deal you can't refuse. We can accept any format of GPS file that describes waypoints and tracks, but we prefer .GPX format files.