GPS Trail Maps

Our Garmin Routing Trail maps include…

…for snowmobiles…

NH ME VT NY & QC Snowmobile Trail Map

NH ME VT & QC Snowmobile Trail Map

NH ME  & QC Snowmobile Trail Map

NH ME VT & NY Snowmobile Trail Map

NH ME VT Snowmobile Trail Map

NH and ME Snowmobile Trail Map

NH and VT Snowmobile Trail Map

NH Snowmobile Trail Map

ME Snowmobile Trail Map

VT Snowmobile Trail Map

NY Snowmobile Trail Map

QC Snowmobile Trail Map

…for ATV, UTV and Trail Bikes…

NH ME ATV Trail Map

NH ATV Trail Map

ME ATV Trail Map


Our GPS Trail Maps Features…

True Garmin Style Autorouting trail Maps

Some people confuse simple collections of user tracks and waypoints with GPS maps. While useful, collections of user tracks and waypoints are quite different from true GPS maps such as our trail map products.

User tracks and waypoints storage is limited by the GPS firmware to 20 tracks and 10,000 waypoints.  While that might sound like a lot, it is hardly enough to store even a small subset of the snowmobile trails within a state. True GPS maps on the other hand use a different storage methodology. They can store tens of thousands of miles of trails, map points and map features, and still leave you the complete allocation of space to store your own tracks and waypoints. 

Our snowmobile and ATV trail maps are fully autorouting. If you have a GPS that supports autorouting our trail maps will route you along snowmobile or ATV trails to your destination with spoken turn by turn directions, visual and audible indications of turns, lists of turn by turn directions, estimated time of arrival (ETA), detouring, route avoidances and precise distance to destination calculations.

Your GPS pin-points your location centered on the map as you move along a trail, so you will always know precisely where you are. With the autorouting capability, you will also automatically know how to get to your destination along the trails. You can zoom in and out and scroll around the map to see different parts of the map to plan your next travels.

Route Planning

When installed on a computer using Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp, you can display the map, calculate custom routes, find custom POI's and map points and more. With BaseCamp connected to your GPS you can display combined trail map and optional topographic background in a single map view. Routes can be overlaid on DEM capable( Digital Elevation Model) maps such as Garmin TOPO US 2008, to display the elevation changes along snowmobile routes.  Plan custom routes and download them to your computer. It's a great way to plan out a loop for the days ride where you never have to ride the same trails twice, or even plan multi-day cross state expeditions.

New England Based, New England Focused

We specialize in Garmin compatible trail maps for the New England area. You will not find more complete and accurate GPS trail maps for New Hampshire, Maine,  Vermont and New York.. We live and ride in the New England area and focus our attention on making the best maps here at home.

Thousands of miles trails, hundreds of relevant POI's and growing…

Our New England snowmobile trail maps for Garmin GPS  have over 27,654  miles of snowmobile trails. Corridor trails, primary trails and club trails and challenging un-maintained off-trail paths are included in the mix. We also have hundreds of points of interest for on-trail services, such as gas stops, food, scenic views, lodging, and even cell towers. You can add your own favorites and track logs and favorites to customize the map for places you ride the most. If you add Quebec trails, then you end up with 49,985 miles of trails. To put it in perspective, that is as many miles as traveling around the circumference of the Earth TWICE!

Use our New England Snowmobile Trip Planner tool to preview the content of our snowmobile trail maps for Garmin GPS. Zoom into your home town, and the trails that you are familiar with. Pan around the region to discover entire new trail systems and riding territories. The Trip Planner will even help you with weather conditions and snow depth! A static map image just does not do our trail maps justice. You have to be able to dynamically zoom in and out like you can with your GPS  to see the incredible detail of our maps. The Trip Planner enables you to do that and will give you a better indication of how extensive and precise our trail maps are.

Compare our maps to other trail maps and see the difference. Switch to satellite mode and zoom in close to the trail. Does it follow precisely along the visible logging roads and trail paths that can be seen in the satellite images. If the lines look like zig-zag and do not follow the curves, they are approximated and may cause errors in navigation. Pay attention where the trails cross streams and rivers. Do your see a bridge? If not, that trail is probably bogus.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Buy from us with confidence. Your satisfaction is guaranteed on all trail maps or you get your money back (within 30 days please).


Our trail maps can be downloaded from your Windows computer and to all models of Garmin GPS mapping units that support the loading of optional map products. Check out our free HTML5 format map for all models of smart phone and tablet that have a HTML5 compatible  browser!

Our trail maps are compatible with all Garmin brand map products including City Navigator, TOPO USA 2008 as well as many other Garmin and third party map products. They are compatible with maps that are build-in to Garmin GPS units such as Nuvi, Montana, Colorado, Oregon, Zumo and most others.

Our trail maps are transparent, so they can be displayed simultaneously with other maps that are build-in to your GPS or downloaded from your computer. For example, if your GPS includes built-in topographic maps as do the Nuvi 500, Colorado 400T or Oregon 400T you can view all the Garmin built-in topographic and road detail plus our trail maps. The data from all maps are visible at the same time on your GPS map display. You can use the map setup feature of your GPS unit to toggle between the types of map data displayed, to reduce clutter or increase detail depending on your needs. Our trail maps are also 100% compatible with the free topographical maps for NH, ME, VT or NY  available on our web site. Free topographical background maps are included in in our map downloads and on pre-loaded micro-sd.

Searchable POI's and Map Points

Each trail map contains hundreds of search-able POI's (points of interest) for trail-accessible services, like gas stations, convenience stores, lodging, and restaurants, that are in addition to POI’s included with your other maps. We focus on hard-to-find on-trail services that are important to trail riders. We organize them in a way that enables you to find relevant POI's quickly.

Easy Installation

Each map comes as an installation program to install the map data on to your computer.

The installation setup program is straightforward to install all the necessary maps, help files, internet links and program icons on your computer. The Windows PC setup program makes the maps viewable in  Garmin MapSource  or BaseCamp and MapInstal programs on your Windows computer. If you don’t already have Garmin MapSource or BaseCamp, you can get them here for Free.  Mac computers can display the maps read from the GPS in Garmin BaseCamp when the GPS is connected to the computer using a usb cable.

We include the detailed help instructions on how to use MapSource to download maps to your GPS,  how to use BaseCamp/MapInstal to download to your GPS, and how to setup and use the map on your Garmin GPS . Using the Garmin programs on your computer can enhance your planning capabilities, but if you just want the maps on your GPS you can simply copy the files there or use our pre-loaded plug-and-play micro-sd card.

Competent E-mail Support

We provide support by email to answer your technical and non-technical questions specifically about our products and GPS in general. Responses come from an experienced engineer with detailed product, regional and sport knowledge.

Flexible Media Options and backup – Internet download, micro-SD and SD cards.

Our trail maps are distributed with media options that you can pick to best suit your needs. All map products are available for instant download from the Internet when you complete you order. We keep track of what you purchase, and if your hard disk crashes we will supply a free replacement of the downloaded product to get you back up and running again fast. You can also order on micro-SD  (trans-flash micro SD with SD adapter) for the ultimate in effortless plug-and-play installation. Unlike other companies who only distribute locked, non-writable, non-updatable SD cards, you are free to add whatever you want to our SD cards;

Free Updates

Your trail map purchase includes 4 free updates via immediate Internet download with no time limit. Check back with us for the availability of map updates before you start out on your important snowmobile vacation.  We have a large ridership base that provides us with feedback on trail additions, corrections and other improvements to our maps during the season. If they (or you) find missing information, unmapped club trails, trail names, trail re-routes or useful POI's, we are committed to quickly updating our maps to include this new or changed information. We can usually incorporate corrections and additions into an update within about two weeks.  

Free Domestic Shipping

All of our GPS trail map products are shipped by US Postal mail for free. NOTE: International shipping (Canada) will be charged an additional fee to cover the additional costs. These costs will be invoiced to the customer.