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Spam filters cause email communications problems

If you do not receive email from us in a timely manner it may be being blocked by your email spam filter. Please add and to your contacts list and check
the settings of your spam filter.

Gmail and Hotmail have limitations

From time to time, we may need to send you email attachments to help you correct a problem. For example, if you have problems downloading a map installation program, we may simply send it to you as an email attachment.

Many email services, especially free services such as gmail and hotmail limit both the size and type of attachments.  Microsoft Outlook and Outlook Express will not allow .exe file types as attachments. For that reason, we compress . exe files into a .zip file format. You may need to acquire a program to extract .zip files elsewhere. Some email filters will not even allow .zip files as attachments.

It is preferable to use your paid email address when communicating with you. We promise not to spam you with unwanted solicitations.

Scheduled Phone Support

Generally we prefer to communicate by email. This enables us to schedule our time (and yours) better, and provide written responses including links to detailed explainations and proceedures. On occasion we will contact you to help with problems that are just too difficult to describe in writing. We will try and schedule a time to call you when we are both available and prepared. Send us an email explaining your question, problem and if it can't be solved with email we will make arrangements for phone support.

Remote Connection

We have the capability to remotely connect to your Windows or Mac computer using a screen sharing program which can be helpful in solving some problems.