ME Snowmobile Trail Map for Garmin


This routing snowmobile trail map covers over 7565 miles of primary, secondary and club trails in Maine. This map automatically routes you along snowmobile trails to your destination with spoken turn by turn directions, visual and audible indications of turns, lists of turn by turn directions, estimated time of arrival (ETA), detouring, route avoidances and precise distance to destination calculations. The map displays trail number signs on corridor and primary trails, and trail names along club trails, ice crossings and off-trail paths. Line width and color indicate differences between trail types and can be customized. Default trail coloring was selected for the highest contrast when overlaid on several types of background maps including highway maps, satellite images and topographical maps.



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What you see in the map display above illustrates the trails and searchable map points included in the product. This product includes a Garmin format map that includes snowmobile  trails and map points, an installation program to install the map onto your Windows computer, a windows program to copy Garmin format snowmobile POI files to your GPS. The colors of trails are user selectable and is not replicated here exactly as it will appear on your GPS. Trail names and highway signs type indicators  are displayed on your GPS.

To evaluate the map, scroll around the map to different areas. Zoom in close to view how precisely the trails follow the underlying logging roads and paths that are used for snowmobiling.  Trails marked with ~ symbol in the name are approximated trails.

The trail map product does not include background maps and overlays (terrain, roads, satellite images, snow depth, weather and radar) shown on the map display above. A separately selectable topographic map is included for use as a background map on your GPS. Various backgrounds are displayed here merely to give you context of where the Trails and POI’s are located and to allow you to evaluate the accuracy and precision of trail map trails and map points. The “Search for Address” feature is not provided, but a similar find feature (Where To? or Find) is built into your GPS. The trail map is transparent, and can be superimposed over the base map(s) and/or shaded relief map built into your GPS firmware, as well as most Garmin and third party maps.

See Trail Map Features for additional information.

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