What Customers Say about Us

2013 – 2014

"Finally got out on the trails last weekend and used my new gps with the backwoods gps trails maps. Great product and was nice to have on some questionable intersections. Excellent tool for finding gas. I saved some great favorite spots that I can find no problem now. I highly recommend this program and I use it with the Nuvi 500." by YamaRev on SledNH.com

"A big plus if anyone does a trip like this is to have the maps from backwoodsGPStrails.com. I have had these maps for years and highly recommend them to anyone that likes to venture out and explore new areas. The attached PDF shows our GPS tracks for each of the days rides; red-Thursday; green-Friday; blue-Saturday; 540 miles overall." by Vector at SledNH.com.

"I already tell every one about your product, in the past two weeks alone I had recommend it 3X….  I absolutely love it and wouldn’t be without it myself." by Bob R. via email.

October 2012 – March 2013

"The kids and I took the club trails to Plymouth from Meredith today…… New snow, covered tracks and missing signs caused a lot of hassle and problems….it seems like nobody has maintained the signs for years. Thank god for my GPS and Backwoodsgps trail maps, it kept us on track when we had no idea where the trail was."  by ericlun on SledNH.com

"For those of you who like to get in some serious mileage and explore trails you have never ridden on before; having a gps mounted on your sled with the snowmobile trail maps from backwoodsgpstrails.com is the way to go. I have been a user of these maps for several years and I am still amazed at how these maps allow a rider to venture into new territory and plan a day's ride with ease.

This past Saturday I rode 150 miles starting from Randolph, then headed to Berlin, over to Success Pond, into Maine, up to Umbagog, north to Errol, Millsfield, then south to Milan, to Jericho Park, and then back to Randolph. Most of these trails I had never been on. Without the GPS trail maps I would not have the confidence to know where I am, know where I can get gas, and would be fiddling with paper maps throughout the day when it was barely 10 degrees out. Other cool features like auto-routing allow you to navigate to scenic vistas, gas, food, lodging, etc, with turn by turn directions. How cool is that!

I know there have been previous posts about GPS trail maps but I just wanted to add my two cents and suggest the maps from Backwoods GPS Trails are a great purchase for any avid snowmobiler. "  posted by Vector on SledNH.com

"I have been waiting for routing capability in the woods to be real. it is now. I have a nuvi 500 mounted on my sled. I am also not a natural navigator so this piece of equipment is critical. It worked great. I was the tie breaker in any directional arguments. HA! The capability to route to a destination (especially home!) is fantastic. Keep up the nice work. I will be purchasing the ATV versions as well."  by Tom W. via email

"I had a chance to use your map on my NUVI 500 in Pittsburg, NH Sunday and Monday. We logged about 200 miles and your maps were spot on. It was our first time on the Pittsburgh trail system. After using the Product for a day ride I was confident enough in the product that we went out for a night ride. Had a great time. Well worth the purchase price."  from Rick F. via email.

"Can’t tell you how much we are enjoying the routing trail maps"  from Mark D. via email.

" Awesome! Thanks again for such quick support! I have to say, I used your auto routing maps for the first time in Pittsburg last weekend and it was amazing how well they work!"  by Scott K. via email.

"Love the maps on the Garmin. You did a great job with it. I have been using GPS for years just relying on my own breadcrumb trails. This is a huge improvement." by David L. via email.

"I made the first tracks of the season last weekend and your maps were great. Their getting real accurate around the Pittsburg area."   by Brad K. via email.

"Very impressed with the routable trail Nav. Have tried it out well now and am getting used to it. Boy it saves some time when coming back late in the dark!!!"  by Mark D. via email.

"Your trail maps are great, keep up the good work and Think Snow!" by Scott K. via email.

"I Love You Guys Trail Maps, 4 of my buddies I sled with have all bought them now!by Thumpa M. via email.

“In addition to the very welcome but unexpected Triton trailer donation, Backwoods GPS Trails of Errol donated a brand new GPS, already programmed with all of the trails in Coös County. Operators can simply plug in the location where they need to go and this unit will talk them through to that location along the trails, just the way a GPS unit works in a car. It’s amazing!” by Larry Gomes of WMRR as reported in  the Berlin Reporter newspaper.

"My brother and I are huge fans of your maps and use them exclusively in Pittsburg, NH and backcountry." by Chris M, parts manager  at HK PowerSports in Laconia via email.

Discussion Topic: What's the best GPS and Trail map for Snowmobiling at SledNH.com….

"Garmin Nuvi 500/550 and Backwoods GPS maps.by noxorc at SledNH.com/

"A Garmin Montana with the Backwoods Snowmobile and ATV maps is hard to beat." by cardinalcabins at SledNH.com

"I have been using your Backwoods GPS maps for a few years now and love them. Highly recommended for anyone traveling on a sled or ATV." by webhost at SledNH.com

"X2 on the nuvi if its only for the sled. and Backwoods GPS autorouting maps are the best available for ME,NH and VT."  by sno-dust  on SledNH.com,

"If your in ME,NH or Vt, get Backwoods GPS Trails and load it onto the garmin you are goin g to buy.If you would use a handheld for other than snowmobiling (hunting,fishing,geocaching,hiking,mapping trails etc)the oregon works well,I have a 550T and it works well. If only for sled/atv use get one of the water resistant nuvi models,the screen is bigger than a portable. I forgot to add these maps are turn to turn routable."   by sno-dust on  HardCoreSledder.com

"Garmin Nuvi 500/550 and Backwoods GPS maps"  " BAR NONE!"  by triplepleasure on  SledNH.com.

"I have been running a Nuvi 500 so long now on my motorcycles and in my
truck that I have forgotten how long it has been. I would say it has been
atleast 4 or 5 years now. I use the same Nuvi 500 on my sled now also !
As for Metaluc's maps …..
I think I got them as soon as he released them and even donated
some of the trails I have maped also. They are excellent !
Rob ….." by 
skully on  SledNH.com.

"X2 – Very happy w/ my Nuvi 500, had it for about 4 years, paid a lot back then but prices have come down a lot.
Backwoods trail maps are excellent as well!" by
Yaminator  on  SledNH.com.

December 2011 

"I have maps of 95% of my rides since 1999. Last year I loaded maps from Back woods GPS trails and it is real nice seeing the trails on the GPS, they doo help out in new areas that I explore. I would highly recommend checking them out here…Backwoods GPS Trails."  by yamawarrior04 – on HardCoreSledder.com

December 2010

"I''m a happy customer. Kudo's to Rick and backwoods GPS Trails!" by noxorc on SledNH.com

December 2009

"I have the backwoodsgpstrails.com software for my GPSMAP 60CSx handheld and am pleased with it.
Their costomer service is second-to-none as well!"
by R-TICAT  trailconditions.com

"I second backwoodsgpstrails.com Their maps are awesome. I just downloaded the update and cannot wait to test them out. The original worked perfect. "  by MOUNTAIN DOO on  trailconditions.com


February 2008

"I loaded Garmin TOPO maps and Backwoods GPS Trails maps (www.backwoodsgpstrails.com). The northern NH maps sit transparently on top of the topo maps. It's great, with a quick glance, I'll see what's coming up down the trail. We found the trailhead to Mount Magalloway in Pitttsburg, NH easily and ran it to the top." by skiersx11 on DooTalk.com

December 2007

"Hi all,
Unsolicited kudos to backwoodsgpstrails.com. The other day I got a new Garmin GPSMAP 60CSx , my first GPS & being totally ignorant was clueless of how it worked what I needed… Soon discovered once it arrived I need to add map software (extra from Garmin) I chose Topo 2008 (great map to show the topgraphy of the country).

Well I assumed (wrongly) that once I did that I get add "tracks" of New Hampshire pretty easily, I figured should be able to just upload them to the unit (Tracks are what they sound like, when you travel a path/trail the GPS "tracks" it & makes a log) well long story short, The Genius's at Garmin only allow 20 tracks to be held at any one time on the unit, worse was the point the tracks are not too terribly long. In short there was no easy way to "map" all the trails in Northern NH easily with what Garmin provided.

Well during this trial & error process of modifying & trying to do "the impossible" I googled & found backwoodsgpstrails.com They offered a GPS Track log of close to 200 tracks for what I thought was cheap money…

I bought & received, however what I soon found out was what I mentioned above- only 20 could be loaded without trying to modify & trust me when I say I developed a serious case of GPS rage.

I communicated via email back & forth with backwoodsgpstrails.com (Rick) he explained to me the limitations Garmin imposed on this unit.. He also mentioned he was working on a "work around" to this. Hoping to find a perfect solution…

Well today (Christmas Eve) I got the email backwoodsgpstrails.com (Rick) had found a solution. Just so happened he got the same GPS a few days earlier & had been working dilligently trying to overcome this flaw of the Garmins….

The instructions were very straightforward & took me a whole 10 minutes MAX to now have the GPS mapped tracks on my unit. I great overlay with Topo showing the trails…

This will now compliment my regular trail maps nicely, I feel having a regular "hard" map & the GPS routes shown it makes it almost look like a street map on the Garmin. Waypoints & trail numbers are also referenced on the GPS map.

Point is, this guys customer service is spectacular. If anyone has a GPS they probably understand exactly what this does. It also frees up any track logs so now I can run my own tracks.

Very cool addition to the sled. I have a 2004 F7 Cat Fighter Pilot- this fit perfect on the handlebars with Garmins mount. I also hardwired it (had previously put a 12VDC rectifier on her for a gauge so this was a few minute task).

We have planned (2) – 1 week trips this year End Jan & End Feb… Travelling 17 hours to ride, I believe in prior preparation to leaving. This should make a perfect addition.

While I have yet to try her in the region mapped, It appears accurate & have no doubt it is correct.
Think COLD & SNOW!!
by chrmer3 at  hardcoresledder.com