NH ME Routing ATV map for Android released!

Even though there is still plenty of snow remaining for the sled, it's time to start getting ready for wheeled backwoods fun on your ATV or UTV!

Today we are announcing the availability of our fully routing, fully cached  ATV/UTV Trail map for android tablets and smartphones. No data signal required!  No data plan required! No WIFI signal required!

Whether you intend to  ride New Hampshire with it's unparalleled mountain beauty, or the endless remote backwoods trails of Maine, this map has you covered.

Why attempt to accumulate and carry countless paper maps, when you carry it all in the palm of your hand? When was the last time a paper map told you your precise position, or talked you through a long and complicated series of turns to you destination? When was the last time that a paper map told you the precise distance remaining to you destination? When was the last time your paper map transformed itself from a topographical map, to a highway map, to high resolution aerial imagery annotated with trails and map points?

Details of this amazing bit of 21st century technology can be found here.

Explore with confidence and never get lost again!