Installing Snowmobile Trail Maps without MapSource


Run the Autorouting Map Installer to install the Autorouting Maps

Start the program using the following Windows command.

Start -> All Programs -> BackwoodsGPStrails -> Snowmobile Trail Maps -> Download autorouting map to GPS

Start the autorouting Map Installer

This will install the autorouting variation of snowmobile trail maps for every state that you have purchased. I this example, ME, NH and VT maps will be installed.


This installer will copy the routing snowmobile maps you have purchased directly to a micro-sd drive in your GPS, or to the GPS main memory drive. It does not copy any files to your computer. Important: It will overwrite any existing maps on the selected drive. It will not overwrite stored waypoints, your personal track logs or POI files.

If you have a GPS that has multiple storage drives (such as a Nuvi 500), you can download some maps to the main memory drive and other maps to the micro-sd card drive. Which ever drive you choose, the maps on the other drive will not be affected. The maps on the drive you select with this installer will be overwritten with the autorouting snowmobile maps.

In the example above, we selected the micro-sd card of a Nuvi 500 GPS. The drive letter of an (installed) micro-sd card is always the drive letter that follows the drive labeled "Garmin nuvi". In this example, the Nuvi main mempry drive is drive E: and the optional micro-sd card is drive F:. We have selected to write the autorouting snowmobile map to the micro-sd card, overwriting any maps that are already on that drive.

In our setup, we use the main nuvi drive (E:) store the NH ME and VT topographical maps from the Fish & Game network, the non-autorouting snowmobile maps and a coupe other maps we use. We like to be able to view snowmobile trails as we are driving, so we enable the non-auto-routing snowmobile maps with the built-in autorouting automobile maps (city navigator) on our GPS.

If the auto-routing snowmobile map and another autorouting map such as the highway map were enabled together, it might route you by BOTH highways or snowmobile trails. This would not be desirable if you were trying to navigate by automobile. So, even though the non-autorouting snowmobile map and the autorouting snowmobile map contain most of the same data, it can be useful to have both installed on your GPS at the same time.




At this point the maps and custom snowmobile POIs have been copied to your GPS.  You can disconnect the USB cable between your computer and your GPS. When you disconnect the cable, you GPS will automatically reboot.