Free Snowmobile Map for Smart Phones and Tablets

Merry Christmas!

We are pleased to announce the first release of our snowmobile trail maps for smart phones and tablets. This is a simple browser based map that displays in most HTML-5 compatible browsers, on multiple operating systems and hardware platforms.

It is optimized for small screens found on cell phones, but it dynamically adapts the display to work on even very large screens. Touch gestures are used to effortlessly scroll, zoom, change layers, search, and locate your geographic position.

It has been tested on Firefox for Android, Safari for iPhone, Chrome for iPhone, Firefox for Android, on the iPhone4, Google Nexus 7 and Nexus 10 tablets, and Droid-x android phone. And of course it works on your favorite desktop browser as well.

"Where Am I?" type location services can use your devices GPS to pinpoint your actual location on the map within feet. View your position in relation to high resolution snowmobile trails, highway maps, topography, satellite images and more.

Multiple background layers are available including Satellite, Satellite hybrid, Roads and topographic maps. You can zoom right down to the tree tops to see what is actually around you.

No updating is necessary.! When we update our trail maps, your display is automatically updated the the next time you view it. And we are likely to add new free features. Premium paid features may be added in the future at additional cost.

This browser application does not do turrn by turn navigation. Unlike our routing trail maps for Garmin GPS, and our routing trail map for android it will not calculate routes along snowmobile trails, nor will it direct you to your destination. It is however a very nice companion to our routing trail maps that you can carry in your pocket wherever you go! 

This thing slings lots of data. Keep an eye on your data plan so as to not exceed your limits. Find a wifi hotspot and no worries.

And the best part is it's FREE.

All we ask is that you purchase it through our online store here and not share the direct links. We like to know who is actually using our applications. We will send you the URL that you can simply open with your web browser.