Downloading Snowmobile POI files to your GPS

Once you have installed one of our snowmobile trail maps on your computer, you can use your computer's start menu to install custom snowmobile POI files to your GPS.

From your computers start menu, select…

Start -> All Programs ->BackwoodsGPStrails -> Snowmobile Trail Maps -> Download Snowmobile POI files to GPS

The POI installation program runs…


Overview of what the program does.


Connect your GPS to your computer using a cable, then select the appropriate drive.
Some GPS models will have two drives. The first is internal GPS memory, and the second will
be the optional sd card. Some older style GPS units like the GPSMAP 60Csx require that you place
your GPS into Interface mode. See your GPS users manual on how to do this.


Select a Drive letter. Nuvi's will identify the main memory drive with "Garmin nuvi".
The next highest drive letter is the optional sd card if it is installed in the GPS. To verify that you are looking at a GPS drive, you can
expand the drive folder (click on +). If it is a GPS drive, you should see a garmin folder in the expanded folder tree.


Agree to the License agreement.


Status of file copy operation.

This is where the files get copied to your GPS.
Note that the poi files are stored in the garmin/poi folder. This can be either
in the GPS main memory (drive) of the sd card, whichever you choose.


Click Finish and you are done. The POI files are now on your GPS.



View POI's on your GPS

Disconnect cable and use your GPS. The following screenshots are from a Nuvi 500. Your GPS models display and
menu system may differ.

Press Where TO?


Press the down arrow for more options to search for.


Select Extras. This is where the custom snowmobile POIs are located.


Select Custom POIs


Select a category or scroll with the arrow button. These POIs are
limited to snowmobile related on-trail services. Other POIs are
available from other map sources outside of the EXTRAS category.


Select a POI from within a category, or scroll using the arrow.


POIs with photos will display the photo thumbnail.


Click on a photo thumbnail to maximize. Press Back to return.


Press Map to see POI on map. The GO button will navigate to
the POI by snowmobile trails, giving you turn by turn spoken directions and visual cues as you travel to your destination.